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Scat session 27 - amateurcouplewithfriends769  | 2020 | UltraHD/2K | 297 MB

Desperate to poop and on her knees having sex and holding that poop in. She needs to crap so bad but wants to cum on that cock first, clit play and foreplay, sex and pooping love making. Hot redhead takes a curved shaft from behind then craps on his dick and balls when she’s all done. New content, sexy shit, EFRO, couples sex, scat play, desperation, gopher holing, fair skin, great cumshot
Scat session 31 - amateurcouplewithfriends769 | 2020 | FullHD | 166 MB

Short and sweet clip of her taking a big dump right into his hand as he jacks off to that wonderful button hole beauty. Nice big poop with a couple of massive logs to play with. Big cumshot with a pile of crap warming up his shaft. Love turning that food into brown lube, EFRO, sexy pale skin brunette, quick poop, big cumshit, masturbating, pooping
Scat session 26 - amateurcouplewithfriends769 | 2020 | FullHD | 419 MB

This is an exciting adventure into the wonderful view of her pussy and ass, as a lot of poop rains downs onto that hard shaft. She has a bit of fun first and gets her clit up against that dick to cum, I think her orgasm was ruined midway because she stomps the ground and begins to take a dump on her master. Once the warm poop gets used for lubricant it becomes a sexy ending. She feels much better after getting to blow her ass load all over his stomach and cock. She was desperate to go. Messy scat show. Wide screen. New clip
Scat session 24 - amateurcouplewithfriends769 | 2020 | FullHD | 269 MB

She’s on her little doggy knees taking a crap for her hovering master. Great farting foreplay as her master keeps her down for some scat surprises. As she pushes hard and moans to get that log free, it’s grabbed and used as lube to finish the job. More crap tumbles down her pussy as the first log wasn’t enough. Loved it when she got surprised once that crap landed back on her ass. Crap smearing and scat play from behind with mega cumshot and some foreplay, showing off her feet and beautiful pussy. Messy, sexy show. Wide screen. New clip
Scat session 15 - amateurcouplewithfriends769 | 2020 | UltraHD/2K | 475 MB

Great scat sex with smearing crap on her ass. She tries so hard to crap on him while his shaft is inside her pussy. She blasts his dick out of her pussy as the crap slides by that little gap behind her vagina. It’s so tight she can’t hold that dick in as she craps. Smearing it on her ass as she takes a huge cumshot all over her back and ass. That redhead loves to cum just before she craps all over herself. New clip with sexy EFRO scat
Scat session 11+ pooping in lace - amateurcouplewithfriends769 | 2020 | FullHD | 533 MB

New panty pooping scat session 11, bonus wide angle, lace panties getting pooped into really slowly. She loves taking a poop on her bathroom slave and in her lovely pink, lace panties. 4 minutes 2 seconds of a perfect crap in her undies while her slave jerks it all over her ass. Sexy bathroom time.
scat session 10 - amateurcouplewithfriends769  | 2020 | UltraHD/2K | 239 MB

3 minutes 9 seconds of a new scat on my dick while we have a little fun. Couples foreplay with scat, cumshot, EFRO, playing with that tight little clit
Scat sex in warm, soft, smelly shit -  | 2020 | FullHD | 754 MB

Bad Girl -  | 2020 | FullHD | 246 MB

scat session 9 - amateurcouplewithfriends769  | 2020 | UltraHD/2K | 375 MB

New clip of a couple of horny amateurs having scat sex and creaming her pussy. Taking a big stinky poop on his dick after he creams her little pussy. Sitting down on his dick before she takes a big steaming crap. EFRO, cum, cream pie, scat sex, pooping, couple, POV, sexy poop, New content.
Anal sex scat session - amateurcouplewithfriends769 | 2020 | FullHD | 714 MB

New first time couples anal sex with scat. She takes that cock in her ass like a champ, having sex with an ass full of poop, scat sex, dirty talk, desperation, tight asshole, redhead, messy, creamy, powerful pooping out a cock with shit, pulling the cork on her ass as fresh crap gets packed into her ass crack with a cumming dick, squishing balls and cock into that fruity pile of poop. Amazing anal with a great poop out, you can almost feel the warmth of her crap as you watch this steaming scat session. The poop makes a wonderful sound as it is coming out of her ass. Some farting while she has a cock in her ass. Wide screen with many personal close ups. The dirty talk between these two is amazing, so much chemistry, so sexy, she’s a keeper, dirty girl gets me off. Duration 5 minute 43 seconds
Desperation -  | 2020 | FullHD | 303 MB

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